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Artist's Statements

Like most artists, there are several factors that influence my work as a photographer. My training and practice as a psychoanalyst facilitates free associations that are reflected in my images, and enables me to work intuitively with my models. Residing and working in New York City affords me access to diverse cultural genres, in particular dance, which is a primary source for discovering my models. I endeavor to engage them as collaborators, giving them the freedom to respond to a concept or interact with an object, as I visually capture their expressions and movements. I am inspired by the Dutch Masters to search for unusual ways to utilize light and, like the Surrealists, I shape my fantasies into dream-like realities.   

ken_giza Just as a painter brings different elements into his/her work, using advanced digital imaging techniques, I combine traditional photographic subjects, such as nudes, with landscapes as well as atypical backgrounds. Using this process of Metaphotography, the background becomes more than just a support for my nudes; instead, it generates an interaction with the figure. By combining the primal form of a nude with the graphical elements in a landscape, or other background, and using shapes, textures, light and shadows, I am attempting to expose my audiences to a new visual experience.

My work has appeared in solo and group shows; international exhibitions; publications (magazines, calendars, newsletters, books, annual reports, etc.); Internet websites; photo trade shows; and private collections.

I invite you to join me as I present alternative views of our world.

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