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Ken Weissblum, Fine Arts Photographic Imaging

Meta-At a higher stage of development; transformation; beyond; transcending; having undergone metamorphosis. (American Heritage Dictionary of the English language)enigmatic

Metaphotography and the Appropriation Studio. One of the major causes of the turn of the century movement away from realist painting was the invention and refinement of photography, which was seen as 'appropriating' the painter's mandate. Ironically, the computer is now mating the compositional aspect of painting with photography, and image 'appropriation' has become central to this hybrid art form. Images can be 'captured' with many different traps: on film by conventional camera; on disk by digital camera; on computer by scanning hardcopy images… No matter how the image is captured, it can be processed, developed, by a computer in all the ways a photographic image can (as well as in many, many more totally new ways) in a virtual dark room. (Intertwining The Two Cultures In The Year Two Thousand -Ken Stange, International Math & Design Conference, Spain, 1998)

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