by Joe Farace
November 2000

MetaPhotography. At the MetaPhotography web site (, Ken Weissblumís images combine digital technology with a singular vision. Gear heads may be drawn to the Virtual Darkroom section that includes information about the kinds of tools Weissblum uses to produce his fantastical images, but I urge you to click on Galleries first. Here you will find three sections: Transfigurations, MetaScapes, and MetaNude. The first section combines nude figures in real or fantasy backgrounds. While the fantasy backgrounds may be easy to discern, his skillful blending of images make it hard to tell if his urban nudes are real or Photoshop creations. Similarly, with many of his landscapes itís hard to tell if they are manipulated or not, but who cares. The quality of the images counts, and Weissblumís photographs make strong, graphic statements. For those skeptics who believe thereís nothing new in nude photography, donít miss the section of his images that were made in the studio and on location. All of Weissblumís images are displayed at a size that can be appreciated on a 15 or 17" monitor and are part of a stunning, but subtle web design thatís easy to navigate through.

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